Cabinets Medical Cabinetry

Your personal interior design and architecture studio. Our experience and attention to detail recommend us.

Cabinets Dental Cabinetry

We handle everything from design to installation! Exceptional ergonomics, efficiency and functionality!

Cabinets Optical Cabinetry

Medical Dental & Optical Cabinets: Your Optical Cabinetry Experts We handle everything from design to installation!

Medical Cabinetry

Your personal interior design and architecture studio. Our experience and attention to detail recommend us.


If you are in need of professional design for your cabinetry, Medical Dental & Optical Cabinets is the partner you have been looking for. We have been operating in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania for more than 20 years and we’ve designed, manufactured and installed some of the most impressive medical furniture in these states.Getting a unique look for your medical practice is definitely not easy. You need somebody who can take your ideas and turn them into real, practical cabinets and furniture. Our seasoned designers are ready to discuss your requirements with you. And remember, we are one of the very few companies that provide design mockup examples.


After we design the cabinetry, we will manufacture it ourselves. Our experienced team of professionals will come to your location in NY, NJ, CT, or PA and will install the cabinetry. We guarantee excellent results.

To learn more about our custom medical cabinetry design, manufacturing or installation services, just call us at 347-672-2557 or 347-672-6536 during business hours.



We work on modern equipment and our professionals have extensive experience designing and manufacturing medical cabinetry that meets even the most exigent of standards. We carefully source all the materials we use from the best suppliers in the United States. All our products are crafted using state-of-the-art technology, with great attention to detail. Of course, each and every product of ours is designed to be reliable and durable. We take great pride in our ability to provide excellent products that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.
Before they get to you, the medical cabinetry items are thoroughly inspected and tested. We do not allow items with even the smallest faults to be shipped out. You can rest assured that each item you order from us must pass a rigorous QA check.

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Not only do we guarantee the quality of our products, we also install them professionally. You don’t have to pay another team for the installation because we will install our products anywhere in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Our professional installers all have years of experience installing medical cabinetry for practices both big and small. We can design, manufacture and install furniture for the specialist’s office, as well as for other areas of the practice: reception, warehouse, laboratories, records room, waiting room, rest room, etc.

Because we work with modern tools and equipment, and because we have a large team of professionals at our disposal, we can release large orders in the shortest time possible. In fact, we pride ourselves with being the fastest medical cabinetry manufacturer and installer in NY, NJ, CT, and PA.

Medical Dental & Optical Cabinets is also a renowned designer, manufacturer and installer of dental cabinetry and optical cabinetry. We’ll take your idea and make it come to life in your own medical practice!

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We work on weekands from 10-00 to 19-00. If this time is not convenient for you, just calland wewill agree on a convenient dayand hour.